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BonaCuatro Tresero | Abraham Sarache Signature (English)

A jewel among all the instruments I have played. Its amazing "look" only do justice to the sound quality that deliver this beautiful & creative tool with particular sounds of Venezuelan cuatro and Cuban tres.

The cuatro tresero is a hybrid of a Venezuelan cuatro and a Cuban tres, allowing both the tradtional re-entrant strumming of the cuatro and the ability to pick montunos and melodic lines of a tres. It is tuned in open D (ADF#B), with double courses in octaves for the outside strings.

This instrument was created by Roberto Bonaccorso of Bonaccuatro Instruments, an instrument builder based out of Seattle, USA. It has a solid body of Philippine mahogany, on a center block of American cherry. The decorative details are in purple heart, padauk, canary wood and cocobolo.

It features two piezo pickups, each connected to its own preamplifier and controls. This customized arrangement provides two independent outputs, controlled directly at the instrument.

I highly recommend this instrument. Thumbs up!!!

Visit Roberto Bonaccorso at TuCuatro.com


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