“Kaleidoscope of Dreams” is the EP sequel to the 2018 release “Kaleidoscope of Fears“.

The new EP is based on determining the positive qualities of generation X and their influence in modern society. A five-track EP that will be fully published in the middle of December 2019.


Its first single is the eponymous "Kaleidoscope of Dreams" inspired by an open-minded mentality, accepting others and diversity.

Abraham Sarache is:

Abraham Sarache - Vocals & Cuatro
Tristan Turner - Bass & Backing Vocals
Giuliano Squadrito - Drums & Percussion

Abraham Sarache is an international Alt-Progressive Rock band based in Amsterdam(NL) that implements the Cuatro(Kind of Ukulele) as a new tool for rock music. We combine raw vocals from the Alternative/Grunge era with a colorful technical foundation influenced by Progressive Rock & Metal.

“What would you say if I told you that one of the most interesting rock/metal records of early 2018 is not played with a guitar but with an ukulele?"

-The Circle Pit, USA